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Voyager - Ship Only Club 

Starfield Wine Club Ship To   Starfield Vineyards and Winery Rose Arbor Starfield Vineyards Diverse Wine Selection

 Experience the artistry of our curated wine portfolio delivered right to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of sophisticated Sierra Highlands, Napa, Central Coast and Sonoma wines, carefully selected by our experts.

The "Voyager" club is the ideal way to navigate our wine portfolio from afar. This is a shipping-only club that is designed for members who prefer to have wine delivered to their homes or offices. “Voyager” members get to fully customize and select their shipments. Alternatively, Voyager members may also choose to defer to preset allotments curated by the Starfield team. Charges average $115 to $125 per release (after discount) plus tax and shipping. Release months are February, May and November. Our team of wine professionals are happy to assist you with selecting the perfect wines for your individualized tastes! 

Members of the Star Voyager Club enjoy the following benefits:
Other Benefits & Discounts