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Reservation Request 

*Please note, this is a request form and does not confirm your reservation. 

Thank you for reaching out and inquiring about reservation availability. Please fill the form out below and one of our crew members will contact you shortly via phone or email to discuss what reservations are currently open and any other details we may need to firm up. Please note that this is a reservation request. This form does not confirm a reservation. 

For full details of what we are currently offering and the associated costs, please click here. Please note, that all tasting fees and/or reservation fees are charged at the time of booking. The maximum group size we can currently take is 6 guests total. We cannot and will not combine groups or split into multiple small groups. 

Reservations are REQUIRED for all visitors. 

Friday - Sunday: Open for by prior reservations for an array of wine and food services, as well as tastings. Please go to go to our Visit page for full details of what we offer. Please note, each different experience requires it's own reservation. 
Monday - Thursday: Open  by prior reservation for Wine Tastings on our Covered Porch. Our kitchen, Lake Pavilion and Upper Patio are not open Monday - Thursday. We do offer our cheese and/or charcuterie plates on the weekdays. 

Patio Reservation Fee $15
Tastings Fee starts at $10 per person
Please note: this is a request form and does NOT confirm your reservation. We will review your request and contact you with further details. 

Reservation Request - Please call for same day reservations.

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Lunch on the Upper Patio - (1 to 6 guests)
Wine Tastings - Tasting Room Porch (1 to 6 guests) Must be 21.
Members Only Lake Tastings - (1 to 4 guests max) Must be 21.
Picnics in the Amphitheater (1 to 10 guests)
Nature Trails (1 to 10 guests)
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