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Starfield Vineyards

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Starfield Lover Set

Starfield Lover Set

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The perfect set for the Starfield Lover! 2018 The Miner's Inch is accompanied by an etched "Starfield Vineyards" wine glass as well as "Starfield Vineyards" corkscrew and a beautiful matte black "Starfield Vineyards" mug.  
2018 The Miner's Inch  - This wine is an absolute pleasure to drink. A beautiful bright ruby hue draws the eye, while aromas of cherry cola, lavender, thyme, and white pepper entice the nose. The palate is full of layered fruit with red cherry, fresh raspberry, apricot, and peach. Subtle hints of smoke and tobacco, with an underlying minerality, increase the depth of this easy-drinking yet complex wine. The finish is smooth and clean, with a surprising pop of acidity that draws you in for another sip! This is the ultimate crowd-pleasing wine, whether you are a connoisseur or simply a consumer.
Sip Happens Mug  - An elegant matte black ceramic mug with Starfield Vineyards logo on one side and "Sip Happens" on the other. A staff favorite!
Starfield Wine Glass  - Rooted in centuries of Venetian glass-making tradition, crystal offers perfect clarity coupled with precise lines and angles to create the purest, most elegant drinkware experience available.
Starfield Wine Key  - A favorite of the Starfield staff!  Double-hinged corkscrew is a must have and makes opening any bottle of wine a cinch. Outfitted with a classic 5-turn worm and foil cutter beautifully adorned with the Starfield Vineyards logo. 
Gift set includes one bottle of 2018 The Miner's Inch, one Starfield "Sip Happens" mug, one Starfield logo wine glass, and one Starfield logo wine key.