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Eggs & Waffles Caviar Plate - Ranch Reserve

Eggs & Waffles Caviar Plate - Ranch Reserve

Experience the local delicacy, Passmore Caviar! Ranch Reserve is prime sturgeon caviar.
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SKU: Eggs & Waffles Caviar Plate - Ranch Reserve

Designed for 2 people.

Ranch Reserve Caviar - 15g serving. Prime sturgeon caviar. Glistening, individual, large deep-green pearls with golden tones, with a firm pop and an unctuous finish. Balanced, low in salinity, full bodied and complex in flavor. The chef’s and connoisseur’s favorite Buckwheat Blini Waffle - 1oz serving. This is our play on the classic blini, which is a small buckwheat pancake. Buckwheat flour has an earthy, nutty sweetness, which plays perfectly with caviar.

Prosciutto by Creminelli - 1oz serving. Delicous, paper-thin, melt in your mouth porky goodness.

Pickled Grapes - 0.5oz serving. House-pickled with Christmas spices.

Sea Salt Chips by Dirty Chips - Kettle cooked potatoes, dressed up with a touch of sea salt. Cooked in peanut oil.

Crème Fraiche - 2oz serving. Tangy and creamy, it's like a more luxurious version of sour cream.

Sliced Cucumber - 3oz serving. Fresh cucumbers are a perfect pairing with the nutty saltiness of caviar.

Minced Red Onion - 1oz serving. 

Chives - 1oz serving.