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Starfield Vineyards




SOLD OUT Class in a Glass: How to Pair Wine & Cheese

Saturday, February 22th
11:00am to 1:00pm
$20 per member
$30 per non member



Wine and cheese pairings can be a match made in culinary heaven! When you get it right, the combination elevates what is already delicious into an epicurean masterpiece! Pairings not only delight the senses but their unique qualities enhance each other, creating new flavor profiles, components and structure of both the wine and cheese. However, with an infinite number of combinations, finding the perfect pairing can be a bit scary. We are here to show you that pairings are a super fun way to explore the world of wine!

In the intimacy of our Private Tasting Room, one of our WSET certified Winery Hosts will help you to build your general knowledge of wine and cheese. This interactive tasting will lead guests through 5 unique and perfectly paired wine and cheeses. In a fun and approachable manner, our Winery Hosts will not only show you ‘what to do’ but they will also show you a couple ‘what not to do’ tips and tricks. Guests will walk away with pairing techniques that not only help to enhance your own dining experiences but to provide you with tools that will you identify and find your own personal favorites!

How It Works & What You Will Learn:

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